Changes in Build 4450

Here is the change log for the last demo upload. Eventually, the change logs will be replaced by summaries. One of which will be posted in the next few days.

Apr 2
– added location to open document in Radiate
– added pop up when creating a new project in Main
– fixed prevent saving if user is not logged in in Main
– added show project source in menu in Main
– added show document source in menu in Main
– added contact and bug reported pop up in Main
– moved breadcrumbs from Main to Remote
– added target name to properties panel in Remote
– partially fixed document missing MXML by calling set target to early in DocumentContainer
– added userEmail to Radiate
– added auto save and upload of images added to the library in Radiate
– added set last save date in Radiate
– added behavior to replace images of bitmapData with URL of uploaded image in Radiate
– attempted fix of lost MXML when restoring document after clearHistory or getSource call in Document
– added flag to indicate internal operations for document methods for restore and revert type behavior in DocumentData
– fixed bug when saving XML data type in Project
– improved error messages in Project
– improved check if project is changed behavior in Project
– fixed bug where components not supported in HTML would cause page to break in HTMLDocumentExporter
– fixed bug in radio button incorrect position in HTMLDocumentExporter
– showing placeholder text when component not supported in HTMLDocumentExporter
– changed breadcrumb styles to light background colors from dark background colors in HTMLDocumentExporter
– added check email is supplied in Feedback
– increased console font size in Console
– added IInspector interface to DocumentationInspector
– removed close project icons in ProjectInspector
– removed DataGrid from enabled components in spark manifest defaults xml

Mar 22

Added account management, export and import support

– moved js code to js/code.js to HTML index page
– added js/StoreLogin.js to HTML index page
– updated on before unload handler to prompt when in release build to
HTML index page
– added form to bridge login from Flex to HTML to HTML index page
– added close visible document button in Remote
– added activate and deactivate of IInspectable panels to Remote
– added option to switch between dynamic inspector and normal inspector
in Remote
– set default button height to 22 in spark-manifest-defaults.xml
– renamed documentDescription to iDocument in DocumentContainer
– moved parse document to IDocument in DocumentContainer
– added mouse wheel support to DocumentContainer
– added registerResults event in Radiate
– added printCancelled event in Radiate
– added documentRename event in Radiate
– added projectDeletedResults event in Radiate
– renamed propertyChange event to propertyChanged event in Radiate
– added registerResults event in Radiate
– added objectSelected event in Radiate
– added static importingDocument flag in Radiate
– added isUserLoggedIn in Radiate
– added isUserConnected in Radiate
– added user, userID, userSites, userSitePath, userDisplayName,
userAvatar and defaultUserAvatarPath in Radiate
– added last save date in Radiate
– added auto save and enable auto save option in Radiate
– added build date, number and time in Radiate
– added projectListReceived event in Radiate*
– added printComplete event in Radiate*
– added loggedInStatus event in Radiate*
– added attachmentsReceived event in Radiate*
– added uploadAttachmentResults event in Radiate*
– added loginResults event in Radiate*
– added logoutResults event in Radiate*
– added changePasswordResults event in Radiate*
– added lostPasswordResults event in Radiate*
– added documentDeletedResults event in Radiate*
– added assetAdded event in Radiate*
– added assetRemoved event in Radiate*
– added scaleChanged event in Radiate*
– added documentSizeChange event in Radiate*
– added documentPreview event in Radiate*
– added codeUpdated event in Radiate*
– added colorSelected event in Radiate*
– added projectRenamedResults event in Radiate*
– added documentRemoved event in Radiate*
– added projectSavedResults event in Radiate**
– added documentSaveComplete event in Radiate*
– added documentSaveFault event in Radiate*
– added documentSaveAsCancel event in Radiate*
– added documentAdded event in Radiate*
– added documentClosing event in Radiate*
– added projectOpened event in Radiate*
– added projectClosed event in Radiate*
– added projectRemoved event in Radiate*
– added projectsSet event in Radiate*
– added projectsAdded event in Radiate*
– added initialize method for Radiate
– added startup method for Radiate
– moved devices, components and inspectors XML classes as parameters
in Radiate
– added dynamic inspectors / panel support in Radiate
– renamed project to selectedProject in Radiate
– renamed documentsDictionary to documentsContainerDictionary in Radiate
– renamed document to selectedDocument in Radiate
– added remote host support in Radiate
– added getDynamicComponentType for import of MXML components not
defined to Radiate
– added add asset and remove asset methods to Radiate
– started to add support for cut, copy and paste to Radiate
– added set attributes on component method to add properties from XML
to component in Radiate
– added option to not dispatch events in setStyle and setProperty in
– fixed bug where delete key would delete application in Radiate
– added support for Projects remote and local in Radiate
– added support for Documents remote and local in Radiate
– added initial print support in Radiate
– added import of simple MXML in Radiate
– added opening and closing of projects and documents in Radiate
– added save and restore settings locally in Radiate
– added save date and time last saved in Radiate
– added file save as in Radiate
– added login, logout, getProjects, getProjectsByUser, register,
registerSite, registerUserAndSite, lostPassword, changePassword,
getAttachments, uploadAttachments, getLoggedInStatus in Radiate
– added check if project has changed in Radiate
– added canUndo and canRedo properties in Radiate
– added inspector classes to RadiateReferences
– added enable, disable and getRectangleBound to LayoutDebugHelper
– changed highlight colors and delay properties to public in
– added textValue to AccessorMetaData
– changed Document to extend DocumentData
– set uid in Document constructor
– added parseSource in Document
– added support for isChanged in Document
– added isValid, error, errors, errorMessage and warnings to
– added asdocs to MetaData
– changed Project to extent ProjectData
– disabled selection fill in Selection
– fixed bug when selection is offstage in Selection
– added undo and redo keyboard support in Selection
– fixed selection around certain components in Selection
– added isSameClassType in ClassUtils
– added getMetaData of property or style in ClassUtils
– added flag during import of MXML to prevent event dispatching in
– fixed bug where properties were not applied to application in
– added support for Spark TextArea to SyntaxHighlighter
– updated change orientation button in SizesInspector
– added rename document to DocumentRenderer, ProjectRenderer
– added isChanged and save icon indicators to DocumentRenderer,
– added more styles to Style
– added more icons to Radii8LibraryAssets
– added JSON WPService test in JSONAPI
– renamed RadiateDesigner to Main
– added menu bar for File, Edit and Window actions to Main
– added home screen to create or open recent projects, documents to Main
– added login, register status icons and windows for user management to
– added initialization in Main
– added effect to check online status in Main
– added AceEditor test application in TestingAceEditor
– added StoreLogin.js to js directory
– added code.js with Radiate JS class to js directory
– added attachment, projects and user to php directory
– added notes from Main to readme.txt
– added initial test harness in RadiateTest
– added class PersistantDataManager but not used
– created AttachmentData for attachments on remote server
– created DocumentData, DocumentMetaData to describe Documents,
Projects and Attachments
– added ImageData for image media support
– added InspectableClass and InspectableData to support dynamic
– added interface for DocumentExporter
– added history bar for undo and redo buttons from HistoryToolBar
– added background style inspector in BasicBackgroundStyles
– added border styles inspector in BorderStyles
– added font styles inspector in BorderStyles
– added identity inspector in Identity
– added image inspector in Image
– added text inspector in TextInspector
– refactored CodeInspector and moved some code to HTMLDocumentExporter
– added showBorders, showOnlyHTML, showSourceCode, showOnlyCSS,
showBackgroundImage preview on HTML page, supportZoomMatch in preview
on HTML page in CodeInspector and HTMLDocumentExporter
– added border box sizing CSS to HTML generated code in
– added setStylesInline option to HTMLDocumentExporter and CodeInspector
– added basic XML validation error checking and error label in
CodeInspector, HTMLDocumentExporter and MXMLDocumentExporter
– created DocumentsInspector to manage documents
– created DynamicComponentInspector to manage dynamic inspectors
– added LibraryInspector to show and upload local images and remote
image attachments
– added ProjectInspector to manage projects
– added ComboBoxRenderer, DropDownListRenderer
– added DeleteDocumentWindow
– added ExportDocumentWindow
– added MultipartURLLoader to library for WPAttachmentService

Changes in build 2121

There are a few notable changes in this release.

• If you go to another page a message will ask you if you wanted to leave the page or stay. This prevents you from accidentally following a link and losing any work.
• Added an option to show your layout code in a full HTML page. Now if you select this option and you have selected HTML output you will generate a full HTML5 Boilerplate page code around the generated layout code.
• The panels column is wider so you can see the full names of the panels.
• Added SVG button skin to the button elements in HTML. These are using SVG skins that mimic the Flex button skins. These were created and demoed by Om in a discussion on Apache Flex and prove SVG possibility in skinning HTML elements.
• Improved the generated HTML output significantly. There were a few bugs that caused the HTML page to break. The elements are now sized and positioned correctly. Compare the design view and the HTML preview and you will see a much more accurate conversion.
• Added HTML element outline option. This shows a red border around the HTML elements in HTML preview mode.
• Added syntax highlighting to MetaData panel. This makes it much easier to read.
• Changed the font to Arial and it is appears much cleaner.
• Fixed a bug where HTML elements in a HGroup were being wrapped to the next row.
• Fixed a bug where HTML elements in a HGroup were not respecting explicit size values.

Here is the change log in 2121:

– removed onunload prompt when testing from HTML page
– made MXML language the default in Code view
– added showDropLocation option to SelectionInspector
– made panels column wider
– added note to developer on thoughts about code highlighting, code
generation and code editor support
– added lastMXTextAreaValue to prevent updates when code hasn’t changed
– rearranged code options
– decreased pop up transition duration in project inspector and image
capture preview
– cosmetic changes in publish window
– added ace editor change listener back in
– initial fix for drag and drop x and y location
– added show full html page source feature
– added SVG button skin as default
– changed default HTML border box model to border box (padding and
border do not increase the width)
– fixed bug where inline elements were not sized to dimensions (updated
display to inline-block if size is specified)
– added show border outline in HTML preview
– moved project.mxml to /examples
– added open, init and complete event to syntaxhighlighter
– changed button class from “button” to “buttonSkin”
– added syntaxhighlighting to metadata inspector
– removed non psd images
– added editor name to create editor
– added wordWrapChange handler
– added before unload alert to page
– changed font to Arial
– attempted to add drop location information
– attempted to add drag while scaled support
– added more html export support
– added publish button to projects panel
– added set wrap mode default in index template

Change log from 1650

This is the change log from build 1650 mentioned in the previous post.

– added remove element support
– fixed bug when index out of range when calling undo history
– added stability to history undo and redo
– renamed HistoryItem to HistoryEvent
– fixed bug where previous targets were not selected after undo
– fixed bug where move with keys would break undo and redo
– added getIdentifierOrName
– added support for vertical align in HGroup in HTML output
– added support for id on HTML elements
– added support for percentages on HTML elements
– added support for horizontal center in HTML elements
– fixed bug where constraints and absolute positions conflicted in HTML elements
– added support for border visible and border weight in HTML elements
– added declared by label in docs inspector
– added message when no metadata is selected in docs inspector
– fixed numerous bugs in history view
– fixed incorrect selection and position in history list
– added message when no metadata is selected in metadata selector
– hiding clear style button when not a style in properties inspector
– fixed bug when property value was not shown in text area
– fixed resize of helper fields in properties
– updated application and border container icon
– changed all icons to grayscale
– changed path to get flash icon to local path
– moved document class
– update profile view with animated graph
– added page title
– added link to feedback page online
– updated logo
– added sizes inspector
– added zoom inspector
– rearranged panels
– added events panel
– removed event listeners panel
– added metadata panel
– added documentation panel
– moved ruler
– added property selected event
– fixed tool change event
– added scale change event
– added document size change event
– added create devices list
– added getToolByName
– added getToolByType
– added increaseScale
– added decreaseScale
– added setScale
– added getScale
– added centerApplication
– added restoreDefaultScale
– added scaleToFit
– added getURLToHelp
– added clearStyle
– added setStyle
– added setStyles
– updated moveElement to support skinnable containers
– major refactor of history management system
– added set focus on select
– better support for keyboard movement during selection
– added mouse cursors to zoom in zoom out
– added getDescribeType cached
– added concatenateMetaDataXMLItems
– added findDropTarget
– refactored DragManager drag and drop
– fixed layout and style issues in HTML output
– added tab support to code view
– added copy to clipboard to code view
– lowered text buffer in console
– fixed sizing of display list layers
– added open all items
– added layer reordering in display list
– added eyedropper support
– added copy color to clipboard
– refactored History panel
– refactored Properties panel
– added support for setting and retrieving styles
– added property inspector components
– added better search and filter
– added eyedropper support
– added copy color to clipboard
– refactored History panel
– refactored Properties panel
– added support for setting and retrieving styles
– added property inspector components
– added better search and filter