Release 2.1.0 – Revisions, Dragging of Graphic Elements, Custom Server

You can now create revisions, drag and drop graphic elements like lines and connect to your own custom server.

Other features include drag layer to duplicate icon. This will duplicate the layer. You can also click the button as well. Drag layer to trash can is also supported and works the same.

If at any point you want to go to an earlier revision, go to menu Commands and choose Show Revisions. The import window will pop up and you’ll see the current document code and a list of revisions on the left hand side of the window. Selecting any of those will load the MXML into the pop up editor. If you click OK then the code is imported into the current document.

There is now two new share buttons. In the projects inspector is a share URL button. Pressing this copies the URL to your home page to the clipboard. In the documents inspector is another share URL button. Pressing this copies the URL to the document to the clipboard.

There is a new settings window that lets you specify additional launch settings. Go to About > Settings and the settings window will appear. Here you can change the host and path to use Radiate with. Right now, your projects are saved to But now you can specify your own domain! You will need WordPress installed and have the required plugins.

  • when loading a document make sure the upper left hand corner is visible
  • can now connect to other domains
  • setting version number of Radiate when exporting markup
  • can now save custom host and path
  • refactored variable names from length to numberOfElements
  • added duplicateItem API
  • added revisions to import mxml window
  • fixed logout not removing all data
  • fixed bug where export color was uint rather than hexadecimal
  • fixed bug where undo and redo was not updating the changed component properties and styles
  • added copy url of document and copy url of home page icons
  • added getNewsPosts API
  • added revisions to saved document
  • added enableWordWrap to saved settings
  • added support to drag and drop Graphic Elements
  • added option to reverse default CSS and user CSS at design time
  • fixed line breaks not added when exporting to HTML
  • added duplicate layer icon
  • added drag to duplicate layer
  • added drag to remove layer
  • added refresh layers tree
  • added lost password link on first screen
  • added settings window
  • added settings window menu item
  • increased time of displayed info messages
  • added document saving busy indicator
  • added vertical and horizontal line properties inspector
  • fixed pop up not being removed when escape or space key was pressed in Library inspector
  • fixed login not removed on Login window
  • added create revision button
  • added Hyperlink component icon
  • fixed videos auto playing when importing