Getting Radiate to work with your own domain

To use Radiate on your own domain you need four things:

  • Radiate desktop application. You can download it from the download page here.
  • Radiate Vanilla theme. That’s available here
  • Radiate modified json-api plugin available here (it’s in the same link as above)
  • WordPress install. You need to be able to upload the theme and plugin to it.


  1. Add the theme to your WordPress themes directory and activate it. There are many tutorials online on how to upload and add a theme directory.
  2. Add the json-api plugin to your WordPress plugins directory and activate it. There are many tutorials on uploading and adding a plugin to your WordPress install.
  3. Go to the json-api plugin page and activate each controller
  4. Add two categories, “Project” and “Document”.
  5. Open Radiate and go to Menu > Help > Settings
  6. In the settings menu add URL to your WordPress site and path. For example, for domain the value might be, “” and the path might be, “blog”. The path will most likely be blank if you installed WordPress in the root of your domain.
  7. Click verify or validate. If the result says “Connected” then you are now setup!
  8. Click apply or OK and then exit the Settings dialog.

You should now be set up!

Click login and create a new project.

To show your WordPress content in your design, follow this guide.