Live MXML rendering in the browser with MXML Azzurro

One thing I’ve wanted to achieve is live MXML rendering. There has been a live rendering mode of HTML markup in Radiate for a few versions now and in Radiate version 4.0.0 we introduced basic MXML rendering. But if you just wanted code pure MXML without any application now you can. The MXML renderer is here and it’s online.

Using this application you can code MXML and see it rendered live.

Features include:

  • XML validation
  • Error annotations
  • MXML validation
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion of classes, properties, styles and events
  • Drag and drop MXML files onto the application
  • Nothing to install. Due to the power of the internet you always have the latest version
  • Viewer if you want to display the results without the editor

This application does not support certain tags and does not interpret ActionScript. If anyone is interested in upgrading the UI please contact me.

If you need a code editor for your own Flex or AIR application or drag and drop support for your Flex application in the browser or you would like to support future Flex products like these check out the products page.