Release 2.2.0 – Property inspectors for all, multiple logins, background image, wrap with anchor

This release adds multiple login, background images, convert to image, wrap in anchor and property inspectors for nearly all components.

With multiple logins you no longer only have one login. You can add as many as you like and they are saved across each domain (see the last post for how to setup your own domain).

Property inspectors have been added for Checkbox, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DropDownList, List, RadioButton, Horizontal and Vertical Sliders, NumericStepper, TextArea and TileGroup component. One of the best and least under appreciated containers in Flex is the TileGroup. Add it and start adjusting properties. It is similar to a table or grid but you choose the amount of rows or columns.

The HTML export now supports background snapshot and convert to image. The background snapshot takes a snapshot of the component or container in the design view and embeds it into the exported HTML page. Why do this? So you can see and compare the design to the live HTML elements. This will show how accurate the HTML exporter is. After using this feature, you can adjust the HTML element styles in the HTML element styles window. This helps you achieve pixel perfect results while the HTML exporter is being improved.

The HTML export convert to image does just that. When selected, the component is converted into an image. Why do this? If you have text or other content that you want to match the design exactly, check this box. The image will no longer be interactive components or text. You can however, add your own styles in the HTML element styles window or wrap your component or image in an anchor tag.

The HTML export now supports wrap in anchor. This lets you add an HTML anchor tag around any component or image. Open the HTML properties and select the Wrap in Anchor checkbox. You can now set the URL and target.

Import is also much improved. If there are any errors during import or open of your document, you can now click on the import button and an MXML import window will appear. In this window are show revisions, show original source code and show current source code. If anything ever goes wrong, choose the show original source code or show revisions. The editor will load and notify you of any errors. Once you correct them, you can import the document again.

There are numerous other features and bug fixes in this release. Please provide feedback. You can easily send a note by clicking the contact link in the bottom corner of the app. Enjoy!

Release notes:

  • added method to update document background
  • fixed case where document background was not updated on property change
  • dispatching open event on application after code parsing
  • added username property
  • added spark and mx namespace for additional components (but no hard references included)
  • added support for alternate classes for inspectors (reuse for mx color picker and spark color picker)
  • added support to fallback on super classes for inspectors (for example, a class that extends button will use button inspector if one is not specified)
  • returns attributes not found when importing
  • includes events in values object when importing
  • fixed a few cases where Radiate.importingDocument was necessary
  • added option to make components interactive when added to the stage
  • added save only project method to Project
  • fixed numerous bugs preventing MXML import
  • Known bug: defaults are not getting set on new components
  • started work on getting all project code for exporting full project
  • fixed bug when opening html document internally. not sure how
  • started work on adding open all documents method to Project
  • fixed arrow keypresses from moving application instance
  • added removeAllComponents on import to allow for pseudo live editing
  • added make interactive option on MXML import
  • added show image when component type not found option on HTML export
  • on html export setting body width to 100%
  • fixed case where local and global export child descriptors prevented export
  • fixed convert to image not exporting
  • added margin top fix to html export
  • added table fix to center an item without knowing it’s size. need to confirm browser support (or use text-align center fallback)
  • added fix for center vertically using translate
  • added fix for background image support to work (line breaks broke background image support)
  • fixed bug where saving MXML was not working with new export child descriptor options
  • fixed errors and warnings not set when importing mxml
  • adding when attributes are not found during import or values are not compatible
  • added move below and move above buttons in layers inspector
  • fixed logout and logging back in bugs
  • added browse to open mxml file (was open document)
  • added selected component icon to properties view in Remote
  • added click to open documentation on selected component
  • added property inspector for Checkbox component
  • added property inspector for ColorPicker component
  • added property inspector for ComboBox component
  • added property inspector for DropDownList component
  • added property inspector for List component
  • added property inspector for RadioButton component
  • added property inspector for Horizontal and Vertical Slider component
  • added property inspector for NumericStepper component
  • added property inspector for TextArea component
  • added property inspector for TileGroup component
  • fixed bug where code inspector was adding html template around mxml code
  • made word-wrap button a toggle button in code inspector
  • in constraints inspector holding shift now increases or decreases by tens
  • added share button (copy url to clipboard) in documentations
  • added manual minimum and maximum to number renderer
  • added support for showing two color pickers (for properties like alternating row colors)
  • started working on export complete project in export document window
  • added more error messages on import document window
  • added error annotations to code in import document window
  • added support to show current document source and show original source
  • fixed case where import didn’t dispatch events causing nothing to import
  • added support for multiple logins from multiple domains
  • increased random password from 14 to 18 characters default
  • added remove all logins on settings screen