Release 2.4.0 – Browser screen shots, site scanner, new examples, and bug fixes

In this release we have added a browser shots comparison, site scanner report service and a few other important bug fixes. If you were using constraints you might not have been able to save your file. This update fixes that.

The Run Toolbar is the focus of this update. From here you can run browser shots, site scanner, open the document in the internal (webkit browser), open the document in your default system browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) and finally open your home page.


The Site scanner and Browser Shots are both provided by Microsoft. You can read more about Browser Screenshots and Quick Site Scanner.

The previous menu bar has been converted to a native menu items. This provides many native desktop application features such as minimize, zoom, enter full screen, bring all to front, a nice About pop up, hide Radiate, hide others, show all and a native quit menu.

New settings have been added. You can now choose your own Browser Screenshot and site scanner websites. And if you change your mind you can revert back to the default.

Some new examples have been added in the Getting Started Project. These should help you get started and learn about some key features. I’ve added screenshots below:

Constraints Example
Constraints Example

Vertical Group Examples
Vertical Group Example

WordPress Keywords Examples
WordPress Keywords Example

WordPress Keywords Example (running online)
WordPress Example Live

NOTE: There is a small bug in the live text editing. When you double click on a text field on the stage, the text is all highlighted. You can move the cursor with the cursor keys, but if you try to click to move the cursor, it stops editing and you can’t select any other component or do much of anything else. A temporary solution is to double click again on a word that was in the text field to select it and then click outside of the text field so it loses focus. A fix is currently being worked on.

NOTE: The new browser comparison features, that show how the HTML web output looks in different browsers, has shown there are some layouts that are not exported correctly. This is a known issue. It’s on the to do list to get all of the output correct but in the meantime you can preview in the browser and then with web tools like Firebug, adjust the code. Any fixes or feedback is welcome. Rewards will be considered.