Giving and Donations and Progress for the Open Web

A few of the tasks involved in making software work is having the tools and resources to create and test that software. My goal has been to make web development better for designers and developers targeting HTML web, Flash web, Flex and mobile and desktop AIR. Read more at opening up the MXML specification for W3C.

I’m currently running into bugs on Windows that don’t show up on Mac which is what I have. To properly test on Windows I would need to either get a Windows machine, or a Windows VM for Mac. A windows VM would probably cost less but I have on average 5 GB free space. My Macbook is Mid 2011, 128GB and built in Intel graphics card. It’s about 5 years old at this point. The battery also needs serviced.

So for me to test on Windows I would need:
– the following components:
– a larger hard drive (macbook air uses an SSD internally)
– an upgrade to VM ware fusion to run my 30GB vm file or alternative vm with windows and windows key
– or instead of an upgrade to windows fusion a windows dvd so i can dual boot)

  • or a newer Macbook that I can dual boot with windows (have to find my old windows XP key, Windows DVD and remote DVD drive since Macbook AIR doesn’t have a DVD drive)
  • or a somewhat recent windows machine or laptop since windows xp is not supported by Microsoft maybe windows 7 or greater?

Of course there’s a much easier way. Someone download and test each build on their windows machine and report bugs, improvements and provide feedback.

I ask for computer hardware because many times people in our field have parts lying around collecting dust.

I thought about crowd funding this project but crowdfunding is a one time thing. After a successful campaign I could run out of money and sometimes new ideas come up that might take more money to fund. None of this would matter if I was getting plenty of sales but it’s not the case yet and I think it’s because it’s not quite there yet in meeting the needs of any particular community. Designers might enjoy it but it doesn’t have all the design features they’re used to in other tools. Developers might like it but it might be too limiting for editing code at this time.

So far it’s good for getting a design to layout how they like in the design view inside the program. It’s ok for getting the same design published online as an HTML page, available to visit at a URL. It’s pretty good for generating MXML but not all MXML. It’s good for saving projects online but not locally. It’s ok for exporting MXML and HTML locally but uploading to FTP is spotty as it doesn’t support HTTPS (not sure how to do this yet). It’s ok to export one file but not a whole project.

So I’ve looked at patreon but it’s confusing. I’ll try it again but any suggestions would be welcome. Buying 100 copies would also be nice. There is a donation button on the front page no one has pressed. Think about it, you could be the first! Think of the fame!