Live MXML Rendering, Transform Controls, Graphic Primitives and Text Tools in Version 4.0.0

New Features:
– Text tool – a tool to add text to the design view
– Transform controls – adds resize handles to resize components
– Added support for graphic primitives such as Rect, Path, Ellipse and Line
– Basic live viewing of MXML as you type – what you type in code editor updates the design
– Saving image data to the MXML document so you don’t have to upload to a server
– Showing image data in HTML preview when image is not uploaded
– Added support for selecting and positioning images in RichTextEditor
– Faster import of MXML
– Numerous bug fixes

There have been a few major updates this release that may cause issues. I hope to have a dot release to fix them but please report any bugs you find.

Note: I’ve added the Live MXML Editor application (now updated to version 1.1) to the download page.

Release notes:
– updated how to documentation on adding a new tool
– moved all debugging options to be set in application complete event
– added new text tool for adding text to the stage
– added icons for graphic primitives
– added document updated event for generic updated use
– added option to import target components into a position in a container
– added option to specify a default value when using a clear button instead of settings to undefined
– fixed cases where the description was not being passed to the history events
– added option to remove properties from components during export
– setting default fill and stroke when creating graphic primitives
– fixed bug where import was not importing into a container
– tried to fix merge last history events with mild but success. undo has issues
– added swap history events in history manager
– added support for rotation but has too many issues to enable
– added size constraint to prevent sizing backwards
– fixed numerous cases where object was hidden when dragging and dropping in DragManagerUtil
– adding option to embed image data in MXML when image is not uploaded to a server. experimental. does not export correctly when document is closed.
– added support to export and import stroke and fill data from graphic elements
– added show transform icon
– fixed drop location from resizing when too much content
– added stroke and fill property inspectors
– added basic caveman style code importing and live coding to Code Inspector
– showing icon for showing nested elements in CodeInspector
– added error messages group to CodeInspector
– fixed some event descriptions in HistoryInspector
– added open button in projects list on welcome screen
– added basic support for setting properties on target properties for things like element.fill in PropertiesGridRenderBase

  • added events for beginning and end of undo history
  • set validate layout default to false in apply changes method in Radiate (if layout is not updating check this)
  • fixed numerous cases where event description was not saved
  • added capture properties and capture sizing property values methods in Radiate
  • added method to get valid advanced constraints layout sizing and positioning properties object from component size and position model
  • fixed case where taking snapshots of graphic elements to put in library was not working
  • fixed cases where beginning and end of undo history events were not dispatched
  • added a flag to Project to tell when opened from metadata
  • bug exists where closing a project and then opening (not found yet)
  • fixed sizing with transform handles
  • fixed group not being selected when selecting GraphicElements
  • fixed undo and redo keyboard shortcuts not being dispatched at times
  • added legacy redo of keyboard.Y + ctrl
  • fixed bug where selection was not updated when element was deleted
  • fixed bug where selection size and position was not correct when using undo and redo
  • fixed cases where element would disappear in DragManagerUtil. still occurs but not as frequent.
  • now creating image data for HTML preview when image is not uploaded
  • now positioning graphic elements correctly in non basic layout (except Line bc we need to refactor SVG export)
  • added constants for size and position to MXMLDocumentConstants
  • fixed bug in MXML importer that prevented importing
  • fixed bug where projects were not showing up in project inspector
  • removed Close Project feature bc documents are getting lost or removed and document source xml loses all attributes after close or close and open
  • fixed case where warning icon was always enabled
  • selecting a project in the project inspector no longer opens it now you must double click on the list item
  • added refresh icon to project inspector
  • fixed closed projects looking like documents. now look like closed folders
  • showing tooltip in history inspector showing properties that have changed when hovering over history item

  • added support for maintaining aspect ratio when resizing with transform handles

  • when resizing rounding x and y properties to int
  • added possible fix to components disappearing when performing some drag and drop operations
  • getting some validation on application when not online which is closer to solving the issues
  • added support to drill down into selected objects

  • added go to design screen method

  • added basic properties inspector for paths
  • added transform support for graphic elements
  • fixed missing image icon for graphic elements

  • disabled dispatching events when parsing MXML on a new document

  • dispatching history change event with new parameters
  • added listener to RichText instances to invalidate the size so remote inline images display
  • fixed bug where history event description was not being set
  • removing references when removing document history
  • added listener for history change event in Selection
  • added call later for history change event in Selection since target size is sometimes zero
  • disabling transform checkbox when document is scaled because of bugs
  • removing transform handles when document is scaled
  • parsing the resize value when using transform to integers
  • fixed persistent resize handles showing by unregistering components when showTransform is disabled
  • fixed incorrect handle positions by setting size in updateTransformRectangle method in Selection
  • added graphic primitives Rect, Path, Line and Ellipse
  • resizing does not take into account percentages or advanced constraints
  • adding default fill and stroke to graphic elements
  • adding id to graphic elements on HTML export
  • added duration of import on sourceData object
  • fixed bug in dragging and dropping of graphic primitives

  • added InsertImageTest application

  • added TransformTest application
  • added document close event in Radiate
  • added initial support to drop remote images from a URL onto Radiate
  • added duplicate document
  • fixed bugs related to documents not being closed or closing properly
  • fixed bugs related to opening and starting from example projects
  • added initial transform support (does not size or position when scaled, doesn’t update always, disable is not working, starting from scratch each time so slow)
  • added VisualElementHandle class with static properties for setting styles on transform controls
  • added font smoothing on HTML export
  • added support to export component alpha, textAlign, border, padding in HTML export
  • added support for autoPlay, loop and muted on video player in HTML export
  • added tool tip to component breadcrumb trail showing number of descendants
  • sorted projects by date saved on welcome screen
  • removed label in busy indicator in Settings screen
  • fixed missing documents when document is deleted by calling save on project
  • showing message when saving or opening a document from the documents inspector
  • added open document in browser button back into documents inspector
  • added enable word wrap in console button
  • clearing code editor when document is closed
  • showing render and complete time in code editor when updating or previewing an HTML document

  • fixed case where values that were false were not exported in MXML

  • fixed line break showing before custom HTML override code

  • added check for update menu item

  • ordering new update window to front of application correctly

Known Issues and workarounds:
– Text tool does not work with Labels only RichText components. Switch to Selection tool and double click on the label
– Text tool does not position the text correctly when over some container groups. If the text appears in the incorrect location move it
– Undo does not work correctly when using live editing of MXML. Go to the history panel and click Open and then click the last item in the history list. This rebuilds the document.
– Keyboard shortcuts for undo and redo do not work unless Selection tool is selected. Use undo and redo buttons or menu items.