SVG, FXG, Snap to Elements, Scale Text, Image Gallery and more – Release 4.6.4

Snap to Element Edge
When you drag an element around in the design view guides will appear when you are near another element. When you drop the element it will snap to the edge of the other element. You can enable this by checking the Snap to Element Edge button in the Selection Inspector. When it’s enabled if you want to temporarily disable it hold down the Command or CTRL key.

SVG and FXG Import
Drag and drop an SVG or FXG document onto the application and it will import it. Not all features of SVG are supported at the moment. If you come across an issue send the SVG code. If you it has a lot of layers it may take a while to import. To make using an imported SVG document, lock all the descendant layers. The Graphic container is the same as the Group container but the contents are scaled.

Scale Text with the Transform Tool
Now when you resize a text field you have the option to increase the font size which is different than resizing the text element. To enable this hold down the alt key and the shift key when using the Transform tool. Do not set the font size in the pop up if you use this feature.

Image Gallery
If you’ve ever needed clip art for a project it used to take a lot of time to find images released into the Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0. With the new Image Gallery you can now search and import right into your document. To open the Gallery, select Open Gallery from the Commands menu item or open the Library Inspector and click the Open Gallery button. If you plan to resize the image, go into the Properties Inspector and enable smoothing and set smoothing quality to high. This will increase the quality.

Drag and Drop into Groups (disable option)
There are group components that position and size elements horizontally, vertically or tiled. There’s also the default basic layout group component. This supports x, y, top, left, right, bottom, vertical center and horizontal center properties. By default you can drag and drop elements from one group to another. HOWEVER, if you don’t want to do that and you want to drag and drop around the same group you can disable this now. To disable drag and drop into groups click the icon in the Selection Inspector.

Note: Fast dragging and slow dragging
Dragging and dropping can appear slow on older machines if the Property Inspector is selected. When selecting an element the Property Inspector has to be rebuilt, so dragging happens after the property inspector is built. This can cause dragging to appear slow. Until there’s a fix, switch from the Property Inspector to another view when you are doing extensive dragging and dropping.

Additional Features
– Added support to drag library item onto trash can
– Added keyboard shortcuts for tools in the browser
– Fixed drag and drop not working (drop position was incorrect) when document is scaled
– Exported TextFlow now uses Spark namespace
– Added bring forward, send backwards, send to back and bring to front to Commands menu
– Added support for masks in the Layer Inspector
– Showing live x and y positions as you dragging an element in Selection Inspector toolbar
– Added round to integer option so dragged values will be rounded to whole numbers or fractions. Click the x and y positions label to switch between them.
– Added auto repeat to the undo and redo buttons in tool bar and in the history inspector
– Added support for linear and radial gradient fills
– Fixed properties inspector not getting deactivated. The property inspector makes drag and drop slow when switching to a new element. Close the property inspector when dragging around.
– Added trim transparent pixels from images. Select this item from the Commands menu.
– Added support for filters in the Filter Inspector
– Added menu options for lock layer, unlock layer, lock child layers and unlock child layers to the Commands menu
– Added alignment baseline style to Font Styles
– Made adjustments to pop up overlay manager to fix overlay issues
– Added keyboard handler to prevent opening previous closed tab in Safari with undo keyboard command
– Increased max image cache size
– Fixed drop documents from web not supporting types other than images
– Preventing font family and font size from setting focus back to rich text editor field to support stepping through fonts
– Fixed bug where child elements could be moved when parent elements were locked
– Fixed bug where the down key was not moving the element down
– Added support to hide layout debug helper outline when drag starts