How to Create a Meme

This post will show you how to create a meme all from within your browser.

The TLDR (1min 30sec gif):

First open Radiate in your browser and create a new document.

Note: You will need to have Flash Player enabled in your browser or you can download the desktop version here.

Next, find the image you would like to use as a background. For our example, we will use Fry from the show Futurama as our background.

You can search Google or DuckDuckGo and find common images used in memes.

When you’ve found one save it to your hard drive.

Then drag and drop it onto the browser window or click the File > Import Image.

This will open a file dialog where you can select the image and click open and it will be added to the design area.

Now if the image is larger than the design area then it will be resized to fit.

We can restore the image to it’s original size and then resize the document to fit it with one command. Go to the Commands and select “Size document to original size image”

Now our document and image content are the same. If we didn’t do this we would see that border on the right edge when we export our image.

But since the original image is larger than the design area we need to resize to fit. Click the fit button at the top right corner of the window.

Now we can see more of our image.

Notice the zoom percent went from 100% to 49.8% (or whatever it is with your image).

Next we want to add our text. Click the Text tool.

Now, in the design area click near the center of the image. The text editor call out shows up. Type in some text.

The text size may not be the same as what you see above.

To change the text size select all the text (Command + A on Mac or Control + A on Windows) and then choose a font size in the font size dropdown list.

Next we can change the font family using the font family combo box.

The standard font for memes is Impact. This font comes standard on Windows and Mac

When we are done typing we can click anywhere else besides the text field and the text call out will close and it will complete our text editing. You can also click the Selection tool (or any tool) and that will close the Text tool editor.

You will notice two things. The text in standard memes are white and there is a border around it.

With the Selection tool selected double click on our text. This will temporarily open the text editor call out, select the text and change the color of our text using the text color selector.

While the text looks easy to read with this background it may not be easy to read on a lighter background.

To fix this we will add a border around the edge of the text.

Switch to the Filters tab and click on the Add Filter button.

Make sure our text field is selected and select the border filter.

Now we can see a thin border around our text.

We can add more weight to the border. Double click on the border filter. This will open the property inspector for our filter.

With the border weight at 2 or 3 our text is easier to read.

Now we might want to save our meme.

Go to the File menu and choose

This will open a save dialog. Type in the name of your meme and click save.