Release 4.7.4 – Snippets… it means sharing…

A snippet is a document (or code) that you can create and share with someone else. It can be an design or meme that someone else can modify or a template that someone else can build onto.

Because of your snippet, you may save someone the pain or trouble of learning what you’ve learned if they did not have the knowledge. They can benefit from your knowledge. Like Isaac Newton said:

“What Descartes did was a good step. You have added much several ways, and especially in taking the colours of thin plates into philosophical consideration. If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

Who may have heard it from 12th century theologian and author John of Salisbury:

“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours.”

To create a snippet is easy. After you create your content in Radiate, go to File > Save as Snippet. A dialog will appear showing a thumbnail, name and description. Give your snippet a name and then click Save.

After your snippet is saved you will have three links. The first will let someone edit the snippet in the Radiate application. They can’t save over your original snippet but they can make a new one. The second will open in the MXML text editor. It shows a live preview and an editor so you can see the code. You can also create snippets in the text editor. The third option is a preview only. You would use this for sharing a prototype with a client or sending a friend a link to your meme.

– added support to load snippet via URL
– added support to embed images or placeholders in HTML
– added support to embed thumbnail in the MXML markup
– added support to import radial gradients from MXML
– added new menu item Save Snippet and Import Snippet
– added embed images option to Export window
– added export snippet window
– added import snippet option to ImportWindow

  • removed link to normalize css in HTML page
  • added prevent redirect class to dynamically show prompt using browser onbeforeunload event. can be used to prevent accidental redirect when unsaved changes
  • when adding text to document, like a paste event, pastes now creates a RichText instance instead of Label
  • fixed. paste thrown an error for files, bitmap data and text on desktop
  • fixed bug in line when mouse has not moved
  • started work to fix snap to lines not showing for right and bottom when on application
  • can now click lock in layers item renderer
  • sorted components in component inspector
  • added search to components list

  • changed page doc type to html5

  • fixed zoom to fit content
  • added duplicate item to edit menu
  • fixed items being hidden sometimes on mouse up after drag
  • fixed graphic elements incorrect scaled when zoomed in on desktop
  • fixed no spaces or incorrect spaces between attributes in MXMLDocument exporter
  • added corner radius inspector for rect graphic element
  • fixed HTML CSS outline error in desktop
  • fixed line component dragged to stage not having fill
  • added Sharpen filter
  • when dragging component to Library to create snapshot we create a sharper image for vector graphics
  • fixed MXML editor not showing in ImportWindow on desktop

  • now showing error message when dragging and dropping invalid file from browser

  • fixed fit to scale not quite fitting
  • mostly fixed rich text editor call out not positioned correctly when document is scaled
  • fixed error when copying graphic element
  • fixed cosmetic issue in copying and pasting animation
  • fixed line not changing to constraint on key down unless mouse was moved
  • showing glow around image that can be replaced when dragging
  • fixed snap to edge not choosing nearest snap edge when multiple edges exist
  • showing snap lines until snap animation is complete
  • fixed logout message appearing when mouse is down outside of logout window
  • added import image to File menu
  • fixed error when exporting MXML document
  • fixed bitmap data to string value appearing in Image source property inspector

  • removed before unload event handler that was appearing unnecessarily in browser

  • moved clipboard operations to a ClipboardManager class
  • fixed file extension not being applied when saving multiple documents
  • added clip option to save to library
  • improved keyboard handling
  • fixed undo, redo, zoom and delete keyboard shortcut not working unless Selection tool was selected
  • set default line weight to 2
  • prevented transform controls from showing when spark.primitives.Line is selected (until fixed)
  • added horizontal and vertical edge snapping
  • showing snap lines until animation is complete
  • added exclusions from being exported to HTML
  • added support to export graphic primitives to SVG in HTMLDocumentExporter
  • adding glow when dragging over duplicate icon
  • set focus to search field in gallery view
  • fixed word wrap option not applied to code editor
  • enabled link styles to markup by default in code editor
  • fixed tab order in constraints panel
  • selected item when dragging element into library
  • added method to save multiple files in export window
  • added animation on copy and paste operation to indicate when item was copied or pasted

Changes (might have been mentioned in last post):
– added updateComponentTree
– fixed stack trace not showing results
– added support to add exclusions to component description tree
– added freeform drawing to Line
– fixed selection handler not being removed from graphic elements in Selection
– fixed icon in Zoom not changing correctly on zoom in and out
– removed unnecessary listeners in LayersInspector
– refactored File menu options to save online and changed save to open export document window
– removed unused operations inspector
– disabled resize handles on lines
– double clicking on drop location label now opens the Layout panel
– when saving documents in the export document window a close button shows up (needs work for multiple documents)