Changes in build 2121

There are a few notable changes in this release.

• If you go to another page a message will ask you if you wanted to leave the page or stay. This prevents you from accidentally following a link and losing any work.
• Added an option to show your layout code in a full HTML page. Now if you select this option and you have selected HTML output you will generate a full HTML5 Boilerplate page code around the generated layout code.
• The panels column is wider so you can see the full names of the panels.
• Added SVG button skin to the button elements in HTML. These are using SVG skins that mimic the Flex button skins. These were created and demoed by Om in a discussion on Apache Flex and prove SVG possibility in skinning HTML elements.
• Improved the generated HTML output significantly. There were a few bugs that caused the HTML page to break. The elements are now sized and positioned correctly. Compare the design view and the HTML preview and you will see a much more accurate conversion.
• Added HTML element outline option. This shows a red border around the HTML elements in HTML preview mode.
• Added syntax highlighting to MetaData panel. This makes it much easier to read.
• Changed the font to Arial and it is appears much cleaner.
• Fixed a bug where HTML elements in a HGroup were being wrapped to the next row.
• Fixed a bug where HTML elements in a HGroup were not respecting explicit size values.

Here is the change log in 2121:

– removed onunload prompt when testing from HTML page
– made MXML language the default in Code view
– added showDropLocation option to SelectionInspector
– made panels column wider
– added note to developer on thoughts about code highlighting, code
generation and code editor support
– added lastMXTextAreaValue to prevent updates when code hasn’t changed
– rearranged code options
– decreased pop up transition duration in project inspector and image
capture preview
– cosmetic changes in publish window
– added ace editor change listener back in
– initial fix for drag and drop x and y location
– added show full html page source feature
– added SVG button skin as default
– changed default HTML border box model to border box (padding and
border do not increase the width)
– fixed bug where inline elements were not sized to dimensions (updated
display to inline-block if size is specified)
– added show border outline in HTML preview
– moved project.mxml to /examples
– added open, init and complete event to syntaxhighlighter
– changed button class from “button” to “buttonSkin”
– added syntaxhighlighting to metadata inspector
– removed non psd images
– added editor name to create editor
– added wordWrapChange handler
– added before unload alert to page
– changed font to Arial
– attempted to add drop location information
– attempted to add drag while scaled support
– added more html export support
– added publish button to projects panel
– added set wrap mode default in index template