Demo Video

Here is the link to the Demo Video. It is a rough cut of showing how to reproduce the website. It is showing the version from June 2013.

BE SURE TO CHECK ENABLE THE HD QUALITY VIDEO OPTION to set it to 720P. Then you need to restart the video once the HD icon shows appears (if it remains blurry).

I’ll be working on a new video that shows the code being generated plus a few new features added since the video was created.

Please leave comments in the comments section below (only positive comments saying how awesome it is will be accepted).

1 thought on “Demo Video

  1. We want to use this tool to convert an existing project developed in Flex (mxml files) to HTML5. Can you revert back via email or preferably on phone on its feasibility before we purchase the license of this tool. Besides it looks just perfect for what I am doing at the moment after comparing various other tools.