Update Build 1025

Time for a new update. In this release there are many significant changes. One the most significant changes is the addition of tools support. With that are 3 new tools; Selection, Zoom and Eye Dropper.

Preview of build 1025

In addition to this is the code view panel. This shows the code of the document. So far it outputs to 3 different languages; HTML5, MXML and Android layout XML (or AXML). I don’t think Android has an official name for their XML markup language. I’ve been contemplating adding support for XAML which is Microsoft’s XML markup language but I had to draw the line for this release.

The HTML code view contains a preview option. When you click on the preview button a new document tab is opened and shows the rendered HTML. If you click on it again it restores the design view document. You can select the Show Selection option to preview the selected item. The Show Selection button will switch between showing the code from the whole document to showing the code of the selected item and it’s descendants.

The HTML code view also adds a Live Update option. When this is enabled you can edit the code and it will update the HTML view live. When you are done editing the code you need to click the Resync button. This will overwrite changes you made and generate the code from the document model. For now this feature is for testing and conversion purposes. In the future you should be able to retain your changes or set the style and class names in the designer.

The conversion for each language is rudimentary support. For example, in the HTML conversion the position, size and styles are defined inline where it becomes hard to read. This could easily be defined in a stylesheet.

This update also changes to using tabs for the view panels.

In the display list you can reorder elements and move them in and around the different containers. There are many more changes but I’ll save that for the next post.

What’s next? I’d like to add support for Randori, HTML6 Boilerplate template, the SUIT principle and Normalize CSS.

In no particular order these items:

• creating an account
• saving the project to the server
• loading a project
• uploading images
• adding library
• adding behavior support (MXML)
• adding support to add code to events (HTML, MXML)
• supporting border container for backgrounds and borders (HTML, MXML)
• support for Randori
• add a survey

I’ve also added a few products on the site here for those generous souls who would like to see this project further along in development. This includes a license for one time purchase (good for 3 version releases) and subscription based. You can choose the subscription plan that you can afford. What do you get? You will be able to save projects, keep a library of symbols and upload your own code with more to come.


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