Update summary

This update (demo) contains the following:

• Added account management
• Register, Login, Lost Password, Reset Password and Logout
• Saving of projects, saving of documents, saving of image attachments
• Import and export of simple MXML
• Print page or selection
• Library panel
• Work offline without an account
• Added menu bar with File, Edit, Command and Window (some features disabled)
• Separate out CSS into style tags or inline in HTML code generation
• Background image compare in HTML preview
• Zoom support in HTML preview
• Additional Flex components
• New designated property inspectors for selected components (see Image and Label)
• Browser login support
• Numerous bug fixes

The biggest change in this release is the ability to save and load your work. You’ll need to create an account to save your projects. The paradigm for this is a project that contains documents and assets. You can create multiple projects with multiple documents.

One of the projects main goals is for you to quickly prototype a Flex app. That means dragging components to the stage and visually setting properties and styles. The next few releases will focus on adding proper GUI property panels (rather than relying on a long list of properties in a data grid)

Support for GUI property panels has been added for Label and Image components. So instead of a list of properties in a DataGrid (current) you will be able to change the most common properties and styles the component is used for.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.59.38 AM

The HTML background image support allows you to take a snapshot of the design you are working on and display that design as the background of the page in an HTML preview. With this enabled you can compare the location and look of the HTML elements to the actual design.

The styles of the HTML generated code are no longer inline although you can change that option. There are style tags that reference the element by ID and set the values. The HTML output has some issues. It sets the width and height properties and when the measure HTML text is not the same width the line breaks and text is clipped. The simplest solution is to remove the width and / or height value in the CSS.

The MXML import works with simple MXML but breaks on anything complex and it must be wrapped in an Application tag. It does not import any AS3. You can access it from the File > Import command.

The next release will focus on adding more property panels, SWF import for loading of classes, media or applications, skins, and layouts, loading of community created examples, and more reliable save and load.

This is not ready for production and it contains many bugs but it should help give you a visual preview of your Spark based Flex application and code to start designs and layouts with. Tip: Create only one or two documents per project and turn on auto save or save often.

Note: There’s a contact link on the bottom left side of the demo that you can use to send feedback to right in the application.