Today marks another update. This fixes documents not being saved at times. It is advisable not to use multiple documents per project yet. You can also edit text right on the stage. More property inspector panels have been made for HGroup, VGroup, BorderContainer, TextInput and more. Another fix includes the properties view not showing all the properties of the selected component. Turned off auto save of projects until multiple documents is fully supported (basically auto save would not save the document).

Much improved the HTML output including text positioning and support for flowing layouts (versus fixed width and height of elements). Added support for line height, vertical align, horizontal align and visibility. More improvements to come including support for WordPress themes.

Changes include:

Added tool tip to tools
Added store login test application
Added inline inspector for StyleName property
Converted StoreLogin into a JS class
Removed orientation icon in SizesInspector (misaligned and not really useful yet)
Fixed and refactored add and remove of listeners for Selection tool (consider adding listeners to top level system manager)
Added a save document icon to the tool bar
Fixed save before close window
Fixed get selected target name field in Remote to include ID or Name
Reordered alphabetically and renamed embedded assets in Radii8Library
Added references to new inline inspectors in RadiateReferences
Added support for mx TextArea in RadiateLogTarget
Added reference to application in Radiate
Added enable and disable tool methods in Radiate
Added clearStyles, clearProperty and clearProperties in Radiate
Added support to not add items to history with doNotAddEventsToHistory flag in Radiate
Changed dispatchPropertyChangeEvent event from targets to target (this could be incorrect but will revisit when supporting multiple targets)
Added support to edit text fields inline on document
Moved handler that catches uncaughtErrorHandler to Radiate
Set filter to keep search value when changing targets in PropertyInspector
Fixed bug where accessors, properties and styles were removed in properties data grid in PropertyInspector
Fixed bug where int data types were not supported in inline properties inspectors in PropertiesGridRendererBase
Moved code from Main application to Main2 group component to support desktop application
Added open last project button button to the initial window
Added embedded fonts for Verdana and Arial (may remove)
Changed the size of the icons in LibraryInspector
Show a message when no items are in the library for the selected document in LibraryInspector
Added layout inline inspector for changing the layout of GroupBase containers in LayoutRenderer
Set path to components icon into Radiate
Changed set visible in Layers inspector to be added to changes history to undo and redo in LayersRenderer
Added alpha to LayersInspector
Added blend to LayersInspector
Added inline inspectors for TextInput, Button, Group, Horizontal Group, Vertical Group in inspectors manifest defaults XML
Updated index template to include text-align left
Added htmlExporter to IDocumentData (may remove later)
Added support for vertical align in HTMLDocumentExporter
Disabled set explicit size default in HTMLDocumentExporter
Added support for horizontal align in group and vgroup in HTMLDocumentExporter
Added empty character to BorderContainers that have no children to keep size in HTMLDocumentExporter
Added getWidth and getHeight methods to support sizing to fit in some components in HTMLDocumentExporter
Fixed when text fields are being pushed down when rendered in the browser in HTMLDocumentExporter (experimental)
Added support for spacer in HTML documents in HTMLDocumentExporter (experimental)
Added method to check set visibility if object is not visible in HTMLDocumentExporter
Added tool tip to undo and redo buttons in HistoryToolBar (in case you’ve been living on Mars)
Added horizontalAlign and verticalAlign in GroupAlign inline inspector
Added gap inline inspector support in Gap
Fixed bug where dynamic inspector was not updated on target change in DynamicComponentInspector
Removed unnecessary bindable metadata tags in DocumentExporter
Reordered form object sent to the server so source is added last
Possibly fixed bug where document is not saved or old source is saved rather than new source in Document
Added html source to data saved to the server in Document (possibly temporary)
Added initial support for auto size width and height in ConstraintsInspector
Added clear width and clear height button to ConstraintsInspector
Changed console to use mx TextArea rather Spark TextArea and changed property from max pixels to max lines in ConsoleInspector
Added getClassNameAndNameOrID in ClassUtils
Added SVG button skins in for HTML buttons
Removed update build number on launch
Fixed bug in BreadCrumbs where target change events were not dispatched properly
Moved AS3SyntaxHighlighter.swc to directory swsees to try to avoid compiler bugs
Moved AS3CommonsReflect.swc to directory swsees to try to avoid compiler bugs
Changing serverRootURL to use localhost:8888 to avoid conflict with Mac built in server in flexProperties
Changed projects to use default Flex SDK
Removed profiling panel
Rearranged layout panel

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi,

    This project looks great! Ive created an account and had a quick play. Was hoping it could be (or become) a kind of replacement for the Design View in Flash Builder 4.7. Ive had a quick play, but not being able to get much working yet. I only build Mobile in Flash Builder (no desktop) – is this still useful for me? I will persevere!


  2. Hi Andy,

    I’m sorry it’s not working for you. I’m working on a video that will demo how to use it. I also went through and tried to create a new account and that doesn’t seem to be sending the invitation email on new accounts? It’s only been a few minutes so maybe the server is slow in sending it out. How far did you get? Update: So ten minutes later I’ve got the invitation email. I’ll see if there’s something I can do to speed that up.

    Creating a design view replacement was my original intent. You can use this to create mockups for mobile and desktop apps and layout. It will generate the MXML in the Code view and then you can copy and paste that into your project. However, the response from the Flex community seems to be that most people write MXML by hand. I’ll still use it for mockups but I don’t know what others will do. I was going to add support for previewing a layout inside of a mobile phone templates but that is a ways off. So I’ve been focusing on HTML export and WordPress integration. However again, the two are integrated. So new features added like States support will output both MXML and HTML since pure MXML is what I’m using to save and load projects.