Milestone: WordPress site integration and update site

Today we hit a milestone in that we are now able to create both designs can show single pages and the home page or posts page. What I mean is that you can create a new project, create a document and specify an area for the loop. You can then publish that page and it will show your posts from WordPress! Then you can click the link to those posts. Create another design and publish it and when you click the link from the posts page your design page is loaded and the content is loaded with it.

Let’s just look at some examples. Here is the design:


We then mark this page as the home page (posts page) in the documents inspector. Now when we “Visit Site” our site it loads up.


In our design we enable this by using the keyword “theLoop” as the id:


We are also using custom keywords that are replaced by the post values:


Anyway, right now it’s a proof of concept. The token system will probably be replaced with a better design in time. In the mean time this should help get some dynamic pages possible.

This also means you don’t have to use the crappy FTP uploader that’s built into Radiate! Ok it’s not that bad it’s just not complete. With WP integration all you have to do is change themes to the new Vanilla theme, in Radiate set the document status to publish. A new button will be added that will let you mark a document as the posts / home page.

There are a few new buttons and links in the new version of Radiate that will make this much easier to test these new features. Check back in a few days for a new release.

Update: Version 1.4.0 has been released which contains the updates.