What is Radiate?

It is a designer and developer tool for creating designs, interactive websites and application mockups (it is now a desktop app as well). It is also generates code that you can use to learn from. There is a download planned for use offline. A more in depth description of Radiate can be found here.

What languages does it support?

For applications it can export to MXML, HTML and Android XML. Support for XAML and PHP are planned next. For designs it can export to PNG and more formats are on the way. Plans include adding support to import PSD or AI.

What platforms does it support?

It exports a subset of MXML and HTML at this time. The plan is to support JS, AS, CSS, HTML and Flex projects that can be compiled to run in the browser, as an AIR app or native Android, iOS, Windows or Macintosh application.


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2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Judah,
    very interesting project …

    I always liked the MXML designer of Adobe FlashBuilder 4.x for quickly drawing up some Application layout. So I like that designing things work similarly here …

    Would be great if it would be possible to export the produced MXML code as an ordinary xml – file, so the design result can be used further in other tools and/or workflows…

    Marcus P.

    • Hi Marcus,

      Thanks for the comments. I liked being able to use the designer for layouts as well.

      I was talking with someone today about supporting the various workflows. One of the workflows was similar to what you suggested. One of them is creating and storing a list of designs or layouts that you can export to a file or copy the MXML code to clipboard. You can do something like this now if select the Code view panel. It will show you the MXML. There is a copy to clipboard button in the upper right corner of that panel. You can also go to File > Save Document As… and it will open up a dialog to let you save the MXML code as a MXML document. I can add support to export XML files. In fact, I just realized the MXML does not have the XML doc type that it needs to be valid XML. Thanks for filing the first bug report. 😉