Current downloadable PC / Mac version is 4.7.3.
Current online version is 4.7.3.
The online version is available directly in your browser here.

Automatic Installer for Mac & PC
Click on the icon below to install the desktop version of Radiate.

Alternative Downloads
If you would rather download the PC or Mac file you can do so as well. If you are on Mac the easiest downloader is the DMG or App file (inside of a zip file). It’s available here. Unzip the archive. You will either have a DMG file or an app file. If the zip contains a .dmg file, double click on it to start the installer and follow the onscreen instructions. If the file is an app file (shows the Radiate icon), drag the icon into your applications directory.

For Mac or PC using Adobe AIR click here. Once downloaded double click on it and follow the onscreen instructions. The advantage of the Adobe AIR installer is that you can easily be notified and updated when updates are released.

Automatic updates from within the App
If you have Radiate installed already, open the program and it will prompt you to upgrade to the new version automatically. You will see a screen like this (it might be hidden behind the main window – minimize the main window if you do not see it):
Update screen
Click install on the update window. It may require a restart.

License information can be found here.

All Versions
– 4.7.3 – AIR Install
– 4.6.4 – AIR Install
– 4.4.3 – AIR Install
– 4.3.1 – AIR Install
– 4.2.0 – AIR Install
– 4.0.0 – AIR Install
– 3.0.0 – AIR Install
– 2.6.0 – AIR Install
– 2.5.0 – AIR Install
– 2.4.0 – AIR Install
– 2.3.0 – AIR Install
– 2.2.0 – AIR Install
– 2.1.0 – AIR Install
– 2.0.0 – AIR Install
– 1.6.2 – AIR Install
– 1.6.1 – AIR Install
– 1.6.0 – AIR Install
– 1.5.1 – AIR Install
– 1.5.0 – AIR Install
– 1.4.0 – AIR Install
– 1.3.0 – AIR Install
– 1.2.0 – AIR Install
– 1.1.0 – AIR Install
– 1.0.0 – AIR Install

MXML Azzurro (Live MXML Editor)
– 1.1.0 – AIR Install
– 1.0.4 – AIR Install
– online editor here
– online viewer here

If you get an error on Mac when installing the DMG that says it can’t be installed because it’s from an unknown developer as shown below it will prevent it from being installed:
Unidentified developer

Hold down the COMMAND key when you double click on the application icon. It will allow you to open it:
Open dialog

This is a self signed certificate. Apple shows you this alert as a precaution to installing any software online.